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Solutions' "Couples Online Program" is a 4-week course for couples who want to strengthen and enhance their relationship.


The course includes perspectives and tools that are designed to help you and your partner explore your relationship through the lens of many important considerations such as: discovering where your image of your partner originated, how you attach in relationships, relationship balance, how you show love and feel loved, and communication skills. You and your partner can gain key concepts to get the most out of your investment with each other and in the relationship.


The "Couples Online Program" comes with 4 podcasts (one per week), transcribed PDFs of each podcast, 2 interactive group calls, 2 bonus podcasts, and a course curriculum  to enable you and your partner to effectively learn to build a more fulfilling, stronger relationship.


Curriculum List:






To see the introductory bonus podcast please click on the link below!

Week 1: Life Pie Exercise and Attachment Styles

Week 2: Imago Relationships & Traits

Week 3: The 5 Love Languages

Week 4: Communication


Bonus Podcast Link



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Solutions Online Programs
Couples Solutions
Solutions Online Programs
Couples Solutions
Solutions Online Programs
Couples Solutions